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Complementary Therapies

...don't hold on to that bitter taste!

 You could make lemonade, but a much better option is Lemon essential oil, made from pressing the rind.  Not only does it have a fresh aroma, it has beneficial properties too.

Lemon oil can help to refresh and cool the mind especially when feeling hot and bothered(1 & 5).

It is a tonic for the circulatory system as it is said to liquefy the blood, relieving pressure on varicose veins and helping to lower high blood pressure(1,4,5).  

Lemon oil revitalizes red blood corpuscles and stimulates the white ones(1 & 4), so it helps anaemic conditions and invigorates the immune system(2 & 5).  Along with its antiseptic(3) nature, Lemon oil relieves coughs, colds & flu(5), especially with fever as it can help to reduce high temperatures too.

Lemon oil is also good for the skin - said to help remove corns, warts & verrucae(5), but has a softening effect on scars and is helpful for brittle nails(1)

Sounds amazing?  

This is just one of many essential oils that may be used during a treatment, and all of them have their own pretty amazing properties.


However, essential oils are very potent, some have precautions with certain conditions and they can also be toxic in the wrong dilutions.  But, in the hands of a trained Clinical Aromatherapist, essential oils will be safely chosen for each individual and diluted into base oils or other mediums for a massage treatment or for use at home.

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